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Brighton Party Hut

Delightful party essentials.

The secret to life is in enjoying your loved ones every moment and sharing in happy times together.
So celebrate the small things (and the big things) and make sure every celebration is a memorable one.
In that department, we’ve got you covered.


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About Us

Hands up if you love a good party? (We have both hands up!)

We’ll celebrate just about anything: first day of school, last day of work… heck, last day of the week!

After three generations of family events, and years of celebrating with the people of Brighton, we know just how fun party planning can be… if you’ve got the right people in your corner. We’ve pulled together a fun-loving crew of party pros who are eager to work with you as you decide on a party theme, select decorations, and execute a perfect party that’s sure to impress.

Everything you need is here in store, so feel free to come in and plan, or swing by before an impromptu barbeque party! Looking forward to hearing about your next event!

Yours in anticipation of celebration,

Tim & Tess

Father-Daughter Duo


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Upstairs, 75-77 Church St, Brighton VIC 3186, Australia

(03) 9592 1000